DK Pattern Suggestions

Our upcoming Summer sale (date to be announced) is going to include a whole lot of Split Skeins (previously known as "Knotty Naughty") in Lively DK, so I thought it would be fun to have a look around on Ravelry and find some awesome DK weight patterns to share with you. Keep reading until the end for more information about our Split Skeins.*

For each of the patterns mentioned I have suggested colours. The links will take you to the regular DK listing for each colour as the sale listings are not available online yet. These are just suggestions to get your creative process started. Make sure to check out the Split Skein listings on the day of the sale to see what is available.

Everyone needs a little inspiration, right? Let's check out the patterns I found!

I'm a lover of mittens and DK is a great weight for mittens. Not too bulky but thick enough to be warm.

Pemba by knittedblissJC looks like a nice cozy pair of mittens with lots of cable-y interest.  And it has a matching headband! I think I would make them in Zest or Totally Pink for an awesome pop of colour.

 photo by knittedblissJC

Andrea Rangel's Dinar slipper pattern was designed with DK Lively in mind. Andrea's choice of Rick's Cognac is perfect. If you'd like to pick up a hard copy pattern for Dinar, we have those in stock.

photo by Andrea Rangel 2012

I've been seeing the Blueberry Waffle sock pattern by Sandy Turner pop up lately all over the knitting podcasts I watch. The pattern is free and written for DK. Wouldn't it look smashing in Jam Session or Viviane?

photo by Avalanche

I've have an ongoing love for baby knits and the Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker pulls at this knitter's heartstrings. Whether you went with a sweet version in Bloom or an eye-catching version in Carnelian, any baby would look adorable.

 photo by Leah Williams

And while we are talking about baby knits, what about a gorgeous baby blanket like the Garter Rib Baby Blanket by Orange Flower Yarn? White Winged Dove or Song Sparrow are great neutrals that would match pretty much any baby room.

 photo by sketchbook

Shawls are always a popular choice with any yarn weight. And Joji Locatelli's The Way from Brighton is an exceptional example of the beauty of a DK weight shawl. You could recreate the look with Spooky Hue or change it up with Atmosphere. (hard copy pattern available here.)

photo by Joji Locatelli

Dee O'Keefe came up with a stunner when she designed Thurmont with DK Lively in Lichen. It would also look lovely in Acorn for a more subtle approach.

 photo by Dee O'Keefe

And who can resist a beautiful DK weight sweater? It has the benefits of being faster to knit than a fingering weight sweater and less bulky than a worsted weight sweater. The best of both worlds!

The Snowflake sweater by Tin Can Knits has just a touch of lace to keep it fun. I'd combine Reflection and Silhouette to copy the original pattern's look. (hard copy pattern available here.)

 photo by Tin Can Knits

And finally, the Campside Cardi by Alicia Plummer looks so cozy. I want to cuddle up in one right now. The question is would you go neutral with Quill or eye-catching with Iris? The difficult decisions knitters have to make!

photo by aliciaplum

I hope you've enjoyed this tour of DK weight patterns. A couple of them have definitely found their way onto my queue. 

* So what are Split Skeins?  These skeins previously had a single knot or a flub in the strand.
After the skein was dyed, we split it into two hanks where the knot/flub occurred in the skein. You will essentially be getting two smaller skeins that TOGETHER will range from 265-275 yards.

If we have multiple skeins listed, they have likely been dyed in various different dye batches and, NOT in the same batch as other skeins of the same colorway in either the sale or the regular colorways sections of the website.  If you are ordering multiple skeins, you may need to knit in alternating rows. Please plan your projects accordingly.

Split Skeins are a great opportunity for some good savings if you don't mind an extra join or two! In many cases, the smaller skein is 10 grams or less. A little naughty, yet oh so nice! :)


What the HK is on Your Needles? Vol. 41

Time for another look at what is on some of your needles. Today, I've pulled together another inspiring group of projects to share in a variety of colours and bases. Something for everyone!

Dawn (ravname: dawn76) knit this adorable pair of baby leg warmers in Artisan Sock in Impulse, Pink Purl and Shannypants. The pattern is Squishy Warmers by Kate Oates and I totally would have made these for my daughter when she was a baby. Too cute!

Lia (ravname: syldar) used Lipstick, 1984 in Divine to knit a test knit of the Wildheart shawl by Janina Kallio. Stunning!

Deborah's (ravname: pitknitter) Drachenfels shawl by Melanie Berg just flew off her needles. She worked up this beauty in Artisan Sock in Queen of the Night, Twilight and Reflection in just over a week.

Nancy (ravname: NorthernFlicker) knit up this awesome pair of Lindgren mittens by Karie Westermann in Lively DK in Nekkid, Hoppy Blonde and Splish Splash. And if that weren't enough she knit up a gorgeous Astrid hat to match. Someone is going to be coordinated and cozy next Winter!

Arlene (ravname: arlenemarie) knit her breathtaking Wild Flowers shawl by Kitman Figueroa in Entice in Poppy. Despite the name, I think the pattern looks like little owl or fox faces. Love it!

Lori (ravname: Lor1492) test knit the intricate looking After All this Time socks by Heidi Nick in Piquant Lite in Shady Verdant. Still one of my favourite colours!

And finally ravname: scj26 knit this awe-inspiring pair of socks in Artisan Sock in Plum Glace and Lichen. scj26 charted and created the pattern on their own and the result, Tessellation, is fantastic. That must have been one heck of a chart.

Amazing knitting everyone and thanks to all of our knitters for letting me share their work. As always I'm inspired to knit and create more.  I hope everyone else is too.



What the HK is on Viki's Needles?

I have been having a lot of fun this year participating in the Hazel Knits Knitalongs I'm hosting on Ravelry and often I've been able to double dip with other KALs as well.   Apparently, I've been on a bit of a sock kick too.

All throughout 2016, we are celebrating the Year of the Monkey in our Ravelry group by knitting Monkey Socks by Cookie A. So far I've completed two pairs. My plan is to finish a pair during each two-month KAL period this year. The pattern does such fun things with variegated yarn and several colourways have been marinating in my stash for a very long time - too long. It's time for them to finally achieve their sock destinies.

The first colourway I knit up was It's a Wrap on Artisan Sock- an old club colourway. These will be my new Christmas socks as I wore through my last pair and didn't have a pair at all for Christmas 2015 and that was no fun!

My second pair were in the retired colourway, Alki Reflections on Artisan Sock. This colourway reminds me of the handmade rag rugs my Grandmother had throughout her home. 

I'm not sure which colourway I will chose for the next KAL. I'm looking forward to digging through my stash to see what tickles my fancy.

Unfortunately, none of the variegated colourways are currently in production.  Fingers crossed they will return one day.

The March/April KAL, in addition to Monkey socks, also had a second theme - Literature inspired patterns. 

My first pair of Literature socks were Hedwig & Friends by Karin Michele in Song Sparrow on Artisan Sock. These socks were inspired by the Harry Potter series of books. I love the little owls that surround the top of the leg. These socks also qualify for the Inside Number 23 Podcast Harry Potter KAL and I've been so inspired by them that I've started to reread the series. I haven't read the books since I spent an entire year reading them out loud at bedtime to my son about 5 years ago. I think I love them even more now!

I also finished a Romeo and Juliet inspired pair of socks. These ones are Two Households by Claire Ellen and I knit them in Barn Door on Artisan Sock.  These socks are mirrors of each other and were a blast to knit.

In February, I finished the Galactic Hat by Julianna Puccini in Tastes Like Purple and Nekkid on Cadence. I added a fantastic Bernat Faux Fur pompom and I'm pretty sure that even though this hat was knit with the intention of being mine that my daughter has claimed it as her own. And who can blame her? It suits her perfectly!

The final project I have to show you is currently a work in progress. I'm knitting the Nutcracker Trio by Susan Claudino in all Cadence leftovers. All the knitting is done, I'm just waiting on the crowns, bells and buttons to arrive to complete the set. They are cute now, but the embellishments take them to a whole other level. I can't wait!

It might seem early to be making ornaments but these little guys have been on my radar for a few months. They were only available as a kit originally and released last week as a pattern only. I figured I had waited long enough. Plus, I will be entering them in the LegacyKnitz Podcast Stuffy-a-long KAL and the Susan Claudino Designs April KAL, both on Ravelry. And I love a good KAL entry. Especially one that can double dip.

Time to plot what to cast on next!


What the HK is on Viki's Needles?

Like usual I've had a lot of Hazel Knits projects pass over my needles over the last few months.  Let's have a look at what I've been up to.

My first project is the 3 Colour Cashmere Cowl by Jojo Locatelli. This is probably one of the most popular patterns on Ravelry this year and with good reason. It's a fun and interesting knit. And in the round, it works up pretty fast. I couldn't wait to get to that pop of pink. For mine, I opted to forego the cashmere and used Artisan sock in Reflection, Silhouette and Totally Pink. I love, love, love this cowl. It is super long, so when you put it on it just bunches up perfectly in a way I can never perfect with a scarf or infinity cowl. Hmm...I just bought a new red coat, maybe I need to make another one of these with a pop of Ruby Love!

My next project is Entrechat by Lisa Chemery. It's a sweet baby-sized bolero style cardigan. I knit mine in Tempo in Ruby Love. Tempo is a worsted base that isn't stocked on the website yet (it's been limited release so far). This knit was a bit of a test run. Great stitch definition and drape!

Next up is one of my own patterns, Gracewood Hat and Mittens, which I released in September. I'll just post a picture of one of the sets I've knit (in Primrose and Electrolyte in Artisan sock) but trust me when I say I could have shown you several more colour combinations - my favourite being Primrose and Silhouette, I think. I've had a lot of these pass over my needles this year.

Last time I showed you my first Falls of Rauros sock by Claire Ellen. I finally finished the second one!! These took me quite a while to do. I find twisted ribbing hard on my hands and slow going. But worth it! I think this will make an awesome present for my mother in law. These are in Artisan sock in By the Seashore.

And finally, I guess I'm getting a little excited about the upcoming holiday season. I have made a lot of new ornaments this year, most of which I've made extra special by using my favourite leftover Hazel Knits colours. 

Clockwise from upper left: Scandinavian Santa by Calle del Limon shown in Artisan sock in Red Carpet, Nekkid and Blacklight (with a little non-HK pink for the face); Yarn Basket Ornament by Scarlet Taylor in Cadence in Nekkid and Artisan sock in Witching Hour, Stick o'Butter, Euphorbia and Vamp; Christmas Balls Knit Ornament Pattern Set by Amy Gaines knit in Cadence in Nekkid, Heartthrob, Smolder and Smudge (with a white non-HK acrylic); Mochimochi Snowmen by Anna Hrachovec in Artisan sock in Nekkid, Blacklight, Vamp, Euphorbia, Witching Hour and Violeta.

I wouldn't be surprised if I whipped up a few more of these ornaments. I love a quick one day project.  Makes me feel accomplished!

** I've linked to the colour when available. If not linked it is either retired or a former club colour.


What the HK? Vol. 40

As I was flitting around on Ravelry the other day searching for inspiration, I couldn't help but notice a number of recently completed projects that had been made with Lively DK. It got me wondering if perhaps as the weather cooled off people started looking for thicker and warmer projects. Maybe next month I'll see an upswing in cozy Cadence projects. I'll keep my eyes open for those. 

For today's project round up I've selected 6 (well really 7) hot off the needles Lively projects!

The first project comes from Shawneen (ravelry name: NeeNeeKnits). Shawneen knit a beautiful Beachcomber's Cowl by Melissa Thomson using club colours, Sizzle and Storm. That will keep the chill off your neck.

Sherry (ravelry name: sccyeh) knit a yummy pair of Wrack socks by Hunter Hammersen in what is still one of my favourite colours, Euphorbia.

Toni (ravelry name: Triestina) knit this awesome Unisex Cardigan by Kasia Lubinska in Poppy. Some lucky baby will be snuggly and stylish in this!

Speaking of stylish children! Theresa (ravelry name: hrvdmnky) knit two adorable coordinating Belle Isle dresses by Heidi Atwood-Reeves in Vamp and Sassafras. I can't decide which colour arrangement I prefer.

And keeping with the theme of knitting for children, RaptorKnitting (ravelry name) knit this stunning Leafy Baby Blanket by Leyla Alieva in Nekkid - A true heirloom quality project that I'm sure will be cherished for years.

And finally, Suzi (ravelry name: Equzi) knit this fun Harold the Houseplant Monster by Rebecca Danger in Atmosphere for her husband. Suzi's project page is full of huggable stuffies.

What a great assortment of projects. Thanks to everyone for letting me share their photos.


my new stapler is the same color as Electrolyte!

my new stapler is the same color as Electrolyte!